Tally Prime / ERP 9 Course

Basic to Advance Level Course

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We have one of the best courses for Tally Prime / ERP9 available in Jamnagar. The course is suitable not only for students but also for accounting professionals. There are so many classes and courses are available in Jamnagar, but we have a unique course which gives you complete knowledge of Tally Prime / ERP 9.

The Course includes all the features of this software. After completion of this course, you will get an extreme control over Tally ERP 9. The details of this course are given below.

Tally Prime / ERP9 Course Syllabus

Accounting With Tally

  • Accounting Basics
  • Understanding Ledgers & Groups
  • Understanding Voucher Types
  • Entering:
    • - Sales & Purchase
    • - Payments & Receipts
    • - Contra & Adjustments
    • - Debit & Credit Notes
  • Reports:
    • - Printing - Exporting - Mailing
  • Bank Reconciliation & Printing Cheque

Inventory Management With Tally

  • Entering Inventory Details
  • Items With Groups & Catagories
  • Multi Location Stock
  • Stock Transfer
  • Manufacturing Journal
  • Purchase & Sales Order
  • Costing
  • JobWork
  • Using Batchwise Details
  • Multiple Price Levels

Taxation With Tally

  • GST
  • TDS
  • TCS
  • Payroll
  • Special Features:
    • - Multi Currency
    • - Interest Calculation
    • - Budgets & Controls
Course Duration : 40+ Hours
Level : Basic to Advance

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Tally Software Details

The following information is as per our current knowledge about Tally. Please visit tally solutions website for more details.

Tally Software Info

Tally Prime is one of the best accounting software available in India. Many accounting professionals from other countries also use it. It is a very feature rich software. Tally 7.2, Tally 9, Tally ERP9 are the older versions of the software. Tally Prime is the latest version.
It has excellent features to record all types of accounting transactions very easily. But the use of tally is not limited to the accounting purpose only. You can also manage inventory. There is a broad range of features to manage inventory in tally. You can maintain the companies' payroll registers to perform various tasks such as calculating salary, deductions, etc., and can generate payslips and other reports.

Tally Software Price

Tally Prime is a very affordable accounting software. The latest price of Tally Prime is Rs.18000 + GST for a single user, Silver Edition and Rs.54000 + GST for a multi-user, Golden Edition. You may also get Tally Prime on rent. The quarterly rent charge for a silver edition is Rs. 1800 + GST and for a golden edition is Rs. 5400 + GST.

Free Tally Download and Purchase Details

Tally Prime Educational version is available to download for free from tallysolutions.com. It can be used to learn the software. You can purchase tally from tally authorised resellers or from tallysolutions website.