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About Course

We provide computer education for Graphic Design DTP and other computer courses with quality and perfection. Graphic Designing – DTP course is useful for learning how to design various page layouts such as books, booklets, pamphlets, bill books, kankotri, magazine, newspaper, etc.; various drawings and arts such as logo, infographics, illustration, sketch, etc.; various designing work such as social media posts, banners, business cards, brochures, book covers, backgrounds, website layouts, etc., various image related works such as photo editing, image enhancement, photo mixing, creating photo albums, color corrections, etc. Graphic Designing – DTP course includes PageMaker, InDesign, CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop. The course is useful for graphic designers, web designers, DTP operators and all other people who work with images and designs. You will learn the following softwares during this course.

InDesign | PageMaker are softwares to create various page layouts. We can easily arrange various graphics and text with this software.

CorelDraw | Illustrator are very popular software to design various vector graphics. The softwares come with lots of features to complete all types of drawings and designs. With the help of these softwares, you can draw anything that you can imagine. The softwares are also useful to design page layouts. You can also get some help to design webpages with this software.

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular image editing software. It works with all types of raster images. This software is useful to create, alter, edit and mix images. It comes with some drawing tools too.

Graphic Design / DTP Course Syllabus

PageMaker | InDesign

  • Page layout Basics
  • Understanding Tools & Workspace
  • Creating:
    • - Labels, Pamphlets
    • - Bill books, Business Cards
    • - Greetings Cards, Kankotri
    • - Advertisements, etc.
  • Books & Booklets
  • Column Style Documents
  • Shortcuts To Work Efficiently

CorelDRAW | Illustrator

  • Understanding Tools & Workspace
  • Drawing Shapes & Graphics
  • Logos & Artistic Text
  • Multicolor Designs:
    • - Illustration
    • - Social media posts
    • - Book Covers, Brochures
    • - Advertisements
    • - Banners
    • - Web Graphics, Infographics
    • - Business Cards & Greetings Cards
  • Shortcuts To Work Efficiently

Adobe Photoshop

  • Understanding Tools & Workspace
  • Image/Photo Editing-Mixing-Enhancements
  • Creating Modeling & Wedding Photographs
  • Creating Digital Images & Backgrounds
  • Converting Color To B/W And B/W To Color
  • Filters & Automated Options
  • Creating Web Graphics
  • Shortcuts To Work Efficiently
Course Duration : 90+ Hours
Level : Basic to Advance

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